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-----Tuning your snare drum and drumset can be quite challenging and requires a lot of practice to become good at it. Below is a quick guide to tuning that covers some basics. There are other tuning techniques, such as variable tuning which I use on a couple of my tom - toms, which are more complicated and deserve more of a forum than this quick guide.
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1. Loosen tension rods 1 turn with drum key following sequence above to release head pressure and avoid rim warpage.
2. Remove tension rods fully in sequence pattern, remove rim and old drum head.
3. Clean bevel edge of dust and dirt.
4. Put new drum head on shell, followed by rim with tension rods hanging over casings.
5. Finger tighten all tension rods, making sure all tension rods are lined up with casings correctly.
6. Seat drum head onto shell by pressing down with palm of hand until you hear crackling sound of extra glue.
7. Finger tighten all tension rods again.
8. Tighten all tension rods in sequence pattern with 1 turn of drum key. This avoids rim warp. Check pitch.
9. Continue in sequence in 1/2 turns or 1/4 turns depending on rod tension. DO NOT STRIP RODS!!
10. Check pitch. If in pitch range you like then tap 1 inch in front of all rods to find pitch you like.
11. Starting with tension rod with best pitch, proceed in drum sequence tuning each rod to the first rods pitch.
12. After each tension rod is tensioned, go to starting rod and tap all rods in sequence to make sure pitch is uniform.
13. When all tension rods have same pitch drum is in tune with itself.


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